Shadowrun 2056

The next run...Glider gets a text on November 22nd

Lucien acts as messenger.

I get a text from Lucien that he has someone who wants to meet us for some work.
We are to meet at the Huang Chi Teahouse downtown. The elven contingent goes to the meet.
The Mr Johnson shows up on time and is caucasian male in a nice grey suit.
He understands that we can do things quietly and wants us to B&E a motorcycle and return it without anyone noticing. This sounds intriguing, we accept the job. Job to pay a total of 225,000 nuyen of which 25,000 are for parts to build a motorcycle and we get 20,000 upfront the rest upon successful completion of the job. The bike needs to be taken and delivered to Mr. Johnson’s contacts, they have it for 72 hours and then it needs to be returned without anyone being aware that it was gone. It also must be done before December 31st.
The motorcycle in question is to be one of the line bikes from the combat bike team the LA Sabers.
We start by doing some legwork on the LA sabers and Combat Biking.
there is to be a match on January 1st between the Sabers and a team from Hong Kong the cavaliers, the best team in Asia right now.
The line bikes are the speed and handling bikes on the team. there are 4 line bikers on the team.
Turns out the Sabers have a match on Thanksgiving. We decide to make it a full holiday as a group and watch the match to see the bikers and their bikes. They are going against the New Orleans Buzzsaws. The match is pretty good overall with the Buzzsaws winning. However their goalie is runover 3-4 times and one of the line bikes gets totally destroyed. Looks like we have the perfect target as it will be brand new and we can use the 25,000 in parts to replicate that bike as a stand in while the real one is in the hands of Mr. Johnson.
We put sidewinder on the job of getting some info on the LA Sabers and when the bikes will be shipped to the match in Seattle.

Novemebr 26th Sidewinder gets back to us with information.
Pay him 2500 for his information.
Learn that the bikes will be shipped to Seattle the week before the match by team truck in several containers. The bikes will go through an engineering check the day before the match on the 31st. He also tells us that Darius the Destroyer, one of the line bikers, has quite a gambling addiction and likes to street race for which he has gotten numerous misdemeanor violations. also that Reed Jackson has some sealed records that might be leverage.

We check out the arena during a basketball game to see what security will be like during an event. pretty standard and we also get a look at some of the video cameras etc. looks like taking the bike from the arena is the best idea. Sidewinder can control video and assist in getting us into doors. Perhaps we can pose as mechanical HVAC or refrigeration unit specialists and get some work orders to get into the arena that way.

We learn that Sound Mechanical has the contract for refrigeration at the arena and we will pose as them. The X gets uniforms and decals for a truck. sidewinder and Eris work on ID badges.
The X builds the motorcycle in only a few days in his shop. Bikes are expected to be delivered on December 26th. We decide that we will have to make the switch on the 27th and then return it on the 30th.
Here we go…


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