Shadowrun 2056

Information gathering

November 3rd:
Learn a little about the Va. Dr. Fielding is the best Cyber surgeon on staff.

November 4th:
Pint Size give Jackhammer a call. Needs to meet. Seems that her friends parents were very grateful. They sent Jackhammer a cooler full of real meat steaks.
The team gets to eats very well indeed.

November 5th:
Fisherking delivers with additional information on Dr. Daring.

Dr. Daring still does some surgeries and is an expert in cybernetic surgery.
He is 57 years old ex-military. He is very interested in ways to extend life of older patients.
His area of research is focused currently on bioware. He give talks to the cybersurgery community regularly.
There is nothing major in his military record other than minor reprimands.
There are no lawsuits against him currently. Reviews from his patients are 4 times higher than the average of the entire hospital.
He has never been in private practice.
He has three adult children that live elsewhere and his wife is deceased from brain cancer 1 year ago.
He works at Mountain Lake VA hospital.
Has a boat that he takes out onto the lake occasionally.
Dr. Daring is going to Washington DC on November 10-13 for a conference.

We decide that the plan could be to be the pick up car for the Doctor on his way to the airport and then take him to our dropoff for Ares.
Talk to Hal and get a Toyota Elite on loan for 5000 nuyen per day.

Jackhammer has someone that we can send items in for Dikote through Gunnie.
He is also looking for a ballistic shield and a bull dog step van.

Glider sends in a katana to the contact for Dikote process. it will takes 2 weeks. she sends it in on November 7th.


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