Shadowrun 2056

Here we go to get the good doctor from the VA.

November 8th:
Fisherking gets us setup as the car company.
He also learns that there will be a passenger with the good doctor.
He will dig into who it is. This complicates things a bit.
We plan on a stop on the way due to a contrived detour to pull out the passenger and then continue along with the doctor.
The X will be the driver and Glider will go along as his trainee. We purchase the appropriate “uniforms”.
The X scouts out appropriate sites for the take down of the passenger.

November 9th:
Fisherking has a report on the passenger.
He is Captain Wyatt Bankcroft an army ranger. He is in his thirties. He transferred into army intelligence 2 years ago.

Will add Tis into the trunk of the car for surprise if things go south.

November 10th:
We are on. We go and pickup the doctor and the captain.

Glider spots a tail. Ask the captain if he expects an escort. He says he does not.

Eris’ spirit causes an accident in front of the Black SUV that does not stop the SUV tailing us.

Jackhammer, Black Sun and Eris setup for helping us with the SUV.
Van has a mage that casts lightning bolt at the car. The X expertly dodges each one. total of three.
We head off I5 to point A to get the SUV off our tail.
Jackhammer starts shooting at the SUV. Eris’ spirit is sent to protect our car.
Confusion onto the Ork shooting at us from the window.


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