Shadowrun 2056

Delivery of the good Doctor Daring

Our continued efforts to get rid of the tail of the Black SUV are rewarded after a number of turns shooting into the vehicle and the spirit helping us. The Black SUV drives off and does not continue to pursue us.
The X drives to the appointed spot. We control the situation in the car while Jackhammer, Black Sun, and Eris catch up. We subdue Captain Bankcroft and let him know that he is not the target and that for his sake he will forget we ever were there. The X takes the doctor along with Tis to the airport and delivers him to our contact’s. The rest of us escape the area before anyone else shows up.
We see a military helicopter enroute to our previous location and we drop off the captain to another close area and leave him unharmed to be picked up by his “rescuers”.

We get paid the balance nuyen that is owed to us for a total of 150,000. With expenses accounted for we net 124,000 and split it 20,000 each and 4000 into our group fund. In addition we get 50,000 in Crashcart credit.

We lay low for a week and look to get some APDS ammo for Jackhammer and Black Sun.

Then we are ready for the next job. These have gone smoothly lately. Hopefully as much because of our planning versus luck. However, I will take luck any day when everyone walks away unharmed.


strahd1969 strahd1969

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