Shadowrun 2056

Eris meets with Kayla for lunch

we get our next run

November 1st

Eris meets with Kayla and learns that she has a run for her to broker as the fixer.

Apparently Ares wants a researcher relocated. He currently works at the VA hospital. He is Dr. Donavan Daring a cyber surgeon of some skill. Needs to be delivered to Sea-Tac by November 24th. earlier gets us a bonus.

X fixes Jackhammer’s bike for 155 nuyen.
X also talks to Gus about looking for a second decker in case sidewinder is ever unavailable.
Glider sets up an appointment at the VA to try to scope out the facility. Gets an appointment for November 18th at 8 am for a general checkup and December 16th for a specialist for her cyberware issue.

November 2nd
Gus call back and gives him the name os a guy called the Fisherking. he is a social engineer and info specialist.
We talk to him and hire him to find out more about Dr. Daring.


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