Shadowrun 2056

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Here we go!
Glider get the call

Its October 2nd, 2055. My birthday is at the end of the month. I will be 27. I had not thought that I would be running the shadows at 27 just a few short years ago. I have been planning this Dungeons and dragons session for the last few days and was really looking forward to running this adventure with my friends. However, Hal my fixer called telling me that he has a job if I am interested. The meet is tonight in the Tacoma Dome hotel at 7pm. Apparently it is a B&E of an item. I tell him that I am interested and then give everyone a call to let them know we have a potential run. The groups consists of:
Jackhammer, an ex-military medic and troll who has a unique perspective on native americans;
Eris, a female elf mage who likens herself to the cat-burglars of old, she has some talent.
Black Sun, a female elf adept with a penchant for stealthiness.
The X, a street racer human adept, if it has wheels on the ground, he can drive it. Claims he can fly a sub orbital, we shall see.
Tis, an elf adept, kinda short for en elf, but has good skills that complement the group.

A quick look at where the meet is, it is in Tacoma and is a nice place. Will have to dress in nicer cloths. Maybe can talk Tis and Eris in going clubbing afterwards since my gaming session is sunk.

The Johnson is a friend of a friend of Hal’s so not a lot to go on to start. will have to do some digging once we get more details.

Everyone is game for a job. We are a little strapped for cash at the moment and are needing the cred for rent so we are going.

Tis needs some cloths so Eris and I are taking her shopping. she is so not fashion conscious. This could take a while.

The meet at the Tacoma Dome Hotel.
its a Car.

We get there a early and have dinner. Tis looks good but damn she is hard to shop with.

Jackhammer is going to wait in the nearby park, he is a little hard ot get into some places especially with his cyberarm. But would not want to go on a run without him.

Mr. Johnson is actually Ms. Johnson, asian in a blue suit. We meet in the bar in a booth that has the customary privacy activated. She says that the item of interest is quite large and is going to be delivered in Seattle on the 10th of October. We are to find out where it is going and divert it to another location.
She offers us 125,000 Nuyen to do the job. We discuss the particulars and come to a compromise of 130,000 total with 10,000 upfront, 120,000 upon safe delivery of the item plus a semitruck for hauling the item to the docks for pickup and delivery.

We get some more details at this point.

It is a 1967 Shelby GT 500 convertible. a one of a kind car. it is to be shipped by military transport to Fort Lewis here in Seattle on the 10th of October in the early morning hours. We are to deliver it to the docks in the container truck and trailer by the 15th of October for free shipping handing over some documentation to the Harbor Master. If we miss that deadline but still get the car, we have to ship it ourselves on our dime. The car must be in pristine condition for full payment.

that is quite a request. We think we can pull this off. Now for some digging to find out where it is going.

Information gathering for the car heist of the year...
October 3rd and 4th, 2055

Well it is going to be on display at the American Car Museum located only a few blocks from The Dome.
I am going to talk to Hal and colonel Walters and see what info I can get from them on this.
The X is talking to Vincent and Samantha, Jackhammer is going to talk to S-Mart and black Sun is going to inquire with Hermione.
on the 3rd, S-mart calls back and says that this car coming in is going to frag up his whole flight schedule on the 10th. Some Senator has pulled some favor to get this car delivered by military transport and Private military contractor.
Colonel walters indicates that there were some significant favors pulled in to do this. but is not sure who.
On the 4th we get some information on the car. it is to be on display at the American Car Museum from October 11 through the 22nd along side a 1967 Shelby GT500 Coupe.
The OMC doing the delivery from Fort Lewis is owned by Federated Boeing and is coming from Miami.
We hire a Decker, Sidewinder, to help us get some information and then to run matrix duty during the run. 1000 Nuyen or 500 Nuyen if other pay-data presents itself.

Time to case the joint and see what security is like. etc…

Casing the Joint...
October 5th, 2055

This place is kinda cool. However it is going to present some challenges for getting the car out of the building. Even though it is built like a car parking ramp, with all of the displays we are going to have to be creative in how we go about this.
Sidewinder is going to have to own the cameras in order to keep security off our backs and/or we are going to have to take them all out through stealthy means. Need to keep collateral damage to a minimum here.
Magical astral recon indicates no overt magical security during the day.
Lone Star is only about 5 minutes away so keeping things quiet is going to be important.
visiting the museum during normal business hours we see 5-6 security guards om partol and 1 or 2 in the security office. they are armed with tasers and batons, and maybe heavy pistols.
A plan might be forming in the group. will need to know more about the security system from Sidewinder.

More information...
October 6th, 2055

Hermione calls with information, for 1500 Nuyen. The car is owned by an Italian named Selani Baldi (mob…).Senator Fieldcrest from Illinois (mob!) is the one who coordinated the military delivery.
It is traveling from Palermo Italy to Miami then Boston and then direct flight to Seattle by the Fed Boeing PMC. this is not looking like anything that can be intercepted in route to Seattle.

Still waiting on info from Sidewinder. getting a little concerned about him…

Sidewinder gets back to us...
October 7th, 2055

Sidewinder call me at 2:30am. Will have to be more explicit with him moving forward about phone etiquette.
He has information for me on the delivery etc.First the makeup of the PMC escorts for the delivery. there is typically a lead car, a tail car and 1-2 roaming vehicles, usually bikes. with 8 to 15 assigned personnel with the senior most team members closest to the item being escorts.

In the Museum, there are 6 cameras/ramp and 4-6 cameras per floor. In addition there are pressure sensors on the roof keyed to go off if more than about 50kg touches any one of them.
He also learns that there is a private party happening on the 14th with extra security being implemented during that time and the museum is going to be closed that day to the public.
Deliveries to the museum usually happen on Saturday nights.

Exx decides that a garbage truck as an intermediary transport would be a good idea. We hash out the details of why, if, and how it might make sense to do this and then go about stealing one.
He then proceeds to work on modifying the inside of the compactor to accommodate the Shelby. He puts in tie downs and works on some appropriate ramps.
We then decide it is prudent to get some defiance supershock pistols for taking down guards without collateral damage. Plus 50 rounds of ammo. That now leaves us with about 4750 Nuyen left from our advance.

Staking out the Museum
October 8th, 2055

We decide to tail three guards to their homes in order to be ablet o take one of them down/convince them to stay home on the appropriate night to facilitate our retrieval of the Shelby. Black Sun, Tis, and I do the shadowing. Tis and I are successful, however, Black Sun get made and the guard drives to the Lone star station directly.
I hope she is better at stealth than this later. She could compromise things if she is not careful.

Black Sun fails some more stealth.
October 9th, 2055

We decide to go make sure that Black Sun’s failure to shadow the guard has not caused any changes. Unfortunately, it has. The are more guards the next night than the night before, looks like there are now 8 instead of 5.
Worse yet, during our stake out, Black Sun is made again! Luckily they do not see me, but she is forced to slink away after a Lone Star police cruiser shows up and starts looking directly at where she is hiding. This is followed up by another cruiser showing up and several cops search her hiding place.
I decide to try to alleviate some of the guards concerns by tagging the museum sidewalk with a gang symbol, an older one that is not necessarily used as much but still somewhat legit.

However, the next morning all of the guards leave the museum in pairs.
Looks like we are going to have to be careful when we talk to one of them at home…

On a brighter note, Exx finds a place to stash the garbage truck for the hand off of the Shelby to lose any tails the next day (October 10th).

Here’s to hoping Black Sun does better in the stealthiness department when we do the run.
Let’s just say that I plan on not being next to her on the way in…

Getting the preparations.

We recruit Sidewinder for Matrix support for the run on the Shelby for 4500 nuyen, 1000 up front.

Black sun is renting the truck we will use for getting the car first.

Tis, Eris, and I are going to get the guard’s credentials by staking out their dosses to start with.

Tis and I go out first. One of the guards we followed lives in an apartment complex and the other in a duplex. Eris and I go to the apartment complex to see if there is a vacant apartment near the guard;s apartment to facilitate the snatch and grab. We talk to the landlord and find out that there are a few apartments for rent just none near enough of the guard’s.
I leave my applicaiton open in case I can get a new apartment as a second hideout.

Tis and I then go to the duplex. I was thinking that we would stake out the duplex and watch it to see the guard’s movements. Tis decides to stake it out by stealthing into it directly. She spends some time in there. Turns out it will be very difficult to get the guy out without potential issues.

We therefore procure a fake keycard, via Jackhammer’s contact Gunny, that sidewinder can use to get us into the museum once he has secured things on that end.

Tonight we go in.


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