Shadowrun 2056

Swapping the bike.

We go to the arena posing as Sound Mechanical as planned and get in without any problem.

We get into the room where the bikes are being stored. We find the right container after opening a couple. we swap the bikes and head out of the area. We are stopped and spotted by one of the security guards. We give him the standard drek and fast talking and get out without any problem.
The x does an inspection of the bike while we wait for our contact o get us a delivery location. He finds a data jack hidden behind a panel that is most likely not supposed to be there. Sidewinder monitors the storage room while we wait to return the bike. On the 29th, some team mechanics go in and uncrate the bikes as they leave with crate parts etc.

We get the bike back from Mr. Johnson’s crew and head to the arena. We go in similar to the previous time. Run into a little more problem as the only open loading dock at night is a a farther walk to the storage area. We go in and have to back track once when the guard is on patrol. Talk to him a bit and then he continues on. We then head to the storage room. Swap the bikes again. The head out. get met by some photographers who tell us the one turn is really awesome.
We get out and let Mr. Johnson know that we swapped it back.
We sit back and watch the game with the Chevaliers. Dairus the Destroyer goes down hard during the game. He gets carted off as he is not well at all and will be evaluated.
With Darius out the Chevaliers win easily.
Lucien delivers a box that contains a cred stick with the balance of what is owed to us along with a pcoket secretary that has an event flashing on it. We have a meeting in 3 hours at the Pier in Downtown Seattle.

The next run...Glider gets a text on November 22nd
Lucien acts as messenger.

I get a text from Lucien that he has someone who wants to meet us for some work.
We are to meet at the Huang Chi Teahouse downtown. The elven contingent goes to the meet.
The Mr Johnson shows up on time and is caucasian male in a nice grey suit.
He understands that we can do things quietly and wants us to B&E a motorcycle and return it without anyone noticing. This sounds intriguing, we accept the job. Job to pay a total of 225,000 nuyen of which 25,000 are for parts to build a motorcycle and we get 20,000 upfront the rest upon successful completion of the job. The bike needs to be taken and delivered to Mr. Johnson’s contacts, they have it for 72 hours and then it needs to be returned without anyone being aware that it was gone. It also must be done before December 31st.
The motorcycle in question is to be one of the line bikes from the combat bike team the LA Sabers.
We start by doing some legwork on the LA sabers and Combat Biking.
there is to be a match on January 1st between the Sabers and a team from Hong Kong the cavaliers, the best team in Asia right now.
The line bikes are the speed and handling bikes on the team. there are 4 line bikers on the team.
Turns out the Sabers have a match on Thanksgiving. We decide to make it a full holiday as a group and watch the match to see the bikers and their bikes. They are going against the New Orleans Buzzsaws. The match is pretty good overall with the Buzzsaws winning. However their goalie is runover 3-4 times and one of the line bikes gets totally destroyed. Looks like we have the perfect target as it will be brand new and we can use the 25,000 in parts to replicate that bike as a stand in while the real one is in the hands of Mr. Johnson.
We put sidewinder on the job of getting some info on the LA Sabers and when the bikes will be shipped to the match in Seattle.

Novemebr 26th Sidewinder gets back to us with information.
Pay him 2500 for his information.
Learn that the bikes will be shipped to Seattle the week before the match by team truck in several containers. The bikes will go through an engineering check the day before the match on the 31st. He also tells us that Darius the Destroyer, one of the line bikers, has quite a gambling addiction and likes to street race for which he has gotten numerous misdemeanor violations. also that Reed Jackson has some sealed records that might be leverage.

We check out the arena during a basketball game to see what security will be like during an event. pretty standard and we also get a look at some of the video cameras etc. looks like taking the bike from the arena is the best idea. Sidewinder can control video and assist in getting us into doors. Perhaps we can pose as mechanical HVAC or refrigeration unit specialists and get some work orders to get into the arena that way.

We learn that Sound Mechanical has the contract for refrigeration at the arena and we will pose as them. The X gets uniforms and decals for a truck. sidewinder and Eris work on ID badges.
The X builds the motorcycle in only a few days in his shop. Bikes are expected to be delivered on December 26th. We decide that we will have to make the switch on the 27th and then return it on the 30th.
Here we go…

Delivery of the good Doctor Daring

Our continued efforts to get rid of the tail of the Black SUV are rewarded after a number of turns shooting into the vehicle and the spirit helping us. The Black SUV drives off and does not continue to pursue us.
The X drives to the appointed spot. We control the situation in the car while Jackhammer, Black Sun, and Eris catch up. We subdue Captain Bankcroft and let him know that he is not the target and that for his sake he will forget we ever were there. The X takes the doctor along with Tis to the airport and delivers him to our contact’s. The rest of us escape the area before anyone else shows up.
We see a military helicopter enroute to our previous location and we drop off the captain to another close area and leave him unharmed to be picked up by his “rescuers”.

We get paid the balance nuyen that is owed to us for a total of 150,000. With expenses accounted for we net 124,000 and split it 20,000 each and 4000 into our group fund. In addition we get 50,000 in Crashcart credit.

We lay low for a week and look to get some APDS ammo for Jackhammer and Black Sun.

Then we are ready for the next job. These have gone smoothly lately. Hopefully as much because of our planning versus luck. However, I will take luck any day when everyone walks away unharmed.

Here we go to get the good doctor from the VA.

November 8th:
Fisherking gets us setup as the car company.
He also learns that there will be a passenger with the good doctor.
He will dig into who it is. This complicates things a bit.
We plan on a stop on the way due to a contrived detour to pull out the passenger and then continue along with the doctor.
The X will be the driver and Glider will go along as his trainee. We purchase the appropriate “uniforms”.
The X scouts out appropriate sites for the take down of the passenger.

November 9th:
Fisherking has a report on the passenger.
He is Captain Wyatt Bankcroft an army ranger. He is in his thirties. He transferred into army intelligence 2 years ago.

Will add Tis into the trunk of the car for surprise if things go south.

November 10th:
We are on. We go and pickup the doctor and the captain.

Glider spots a tail. Ask the captain if he expects an escort. He says he does not.

Eris’ spirit causes an accident in front of the Black SUV that does not stop the SUV tailing us.

Jackhammer, Black Sun and Eris setup for helping us with the SUV.
Van has a mage that casts lightning bolt at the car. The X expertly dodges each one. total of three.
We head off I5 to point A to get the SUV off our tail.
Jackhammer starts shooting at the SUV. Eris’ spirit is sent to protect our car.
Confusion onto the Ork shooting at us from the window.

Information gathering

November 3rd:
Learn a little about the Va. Dr. Fielding is the best Cyber surgeon on staff.

November 4th:
Pint Size give Jackhammer a call. Needs to meet. Seems that her friends parents were very grateful. They sent Jackhammer a cooler full of real meat steaks.
The team gets to eats very well indeed.

November 5th:
Fisherking delivers with additional information on Dr. Daring.

Dr. Daring still does some surgeries and is an expert in cybernetic surgery.
He is 57 years old ex-military. He is very interested in ways to extend life of older patients.
His area of research is focused currently on bioware. He give talks to the cybersurgery community regularly.
There is nothing major in his military record other than minor reprimands.
There are no lawsuits against him currently. Reviews from his patients are 4 times higher than the average of the entire hospital.
He has never been in private practice.
He has three adult children that live elsewhere and his wife is deceased from brain cancer 1 year ago.
He works at Mountain Lake VA hospital.
Has a boat that he takes out onto the lake occasionally.
Dr. Daring is going to Washington DC on November 10-13 for a conference.

We decide that the plan could be to be the pick up car for the Doctor on his way to the airport and then take him to our dropoff for Ares.
Talk to Hal and get a Toyota Elite on loan for 5000 nuyen per day.

Jackhammer has someone that we can send items in for Dikote through Gunnie.
He is also looking for a ballistic shield and a bull dog step van.

Glider sends in a katana to the contact for Dikote process. it will takes 2 weeks. she sends it in on November 7th.

Eris meets with Kayla for lunch
we get our next run

November 1st

Eris meets with Kayla and learns that she has a run for her to broker as the fixer.

Apparently Ares wants a researcher relocated. He currently works at the VA hospital. He is Dr. Donavan Daring a cyber surgeon of some skill. Needs to be delivered to Sea-Tac by November 24th. earlier gets us a bonus.

X fixes Jackhammer’s bike for 155 nuyen.
X also talks to Gus about looking for a second decker in case sidewinder is ever unavailable.
Glider sets up an appointment at the VA to try to scope out the facility. Gets an appointment for November 18th at 8 am for a general checkup and December 16th for a specialist for her cyberware issue.

November 2nd
Gus call back and gives him the name os a guy called the Fisherking. he is a social engineer and info specialist.
We talk to him and hire him to find out more about Dr. Daring.

Hitting the Yakuza house
rescuing the girl.

The plan is to hit the houseafter dark. Eris will provide overwatch with her spirit on the out side to prevent any one from running. Tis, The Ex, and Black Sun will approach stealthily from the backside and Glider and Jackhammer will wait just across the street to then provide a diversino for the others to go in.
Of course on of them gets seen. and now they are the diversion for Glider and Jackhammer.
The shooting starts and X and Tis shoot the first patrol guy#1.
gun fire is exchanged and then X hears the door near them unlock. They prepare for it to open. Blacksun gets hit as does Tis.
Flashbangs go off in the living room. someone is upstairs.
After Jackhammer and Glider get inside things start going much better and we take them all down.
We explore the garages and find the room with the girls. It takes some work to get inside. We have to use some explosives since we are unable to open the actual door.
We rescue the girls. Pint Size’s friend is in there. Two fo the 5 girls have been implanted with some cyberware of some sort and are recovering face down.

We take the girls to the hospital for treatment and in order to get them to their families. We burn down the house after looting it of anything of value.
We end up with 5 UziIIs, 5 Ares Vipers, 2 sets of Med Kit supplies. In addition there is a Jackrabbit that we take and The Ex will fix up for our use.

Interrogation of the yakuza kidnappers.

The driver is named Hirhito and the passenger claims to be a Lone Star undercover officer, John Takata.
He tells us that the girls we are looking for was taken by them.
Hirohito only speaks Japanese. We speak to Hirohito using negotiation then when that does not work, we use intimidation.
He tells us about the locaiton of the warehouse the girls are taken. They were then taken to a house near a Yakuza bar/hangout in Redmond including the address.
Astral recon yields an unpleasant astral background count. no wards or spirits on the outside of the house. It is two stories. No one on the second floor (4 rooms).
1st floor lots of rooms. two garage. a 1 stall and a two stall. 4-5 wandering people in the house.
There is a very high background count in a room in the corner of the two stall garage. a number of people in that room. all are scared 2 have cyberware all are relatively healthy.
Eris summons a force 4 spirit.

Turns out that the Lone Star cop indicates that he is part of an ongoing investigation into the Yakuza and are trying to find out the players higher up in order to take them down in this operation of theirs. We try to get him to allow us to help him and or him to help us but he is not very cooperative. In order to allow him to get back into the cover we rough him up and Hirohito ends up dead.
We try to get a truck/van that we can use to travel to the house but it ends up being too expensive. We will take our bikes and Glider enlists Lucien and some of the Ancients to guard our bikes while we hit the house.

Going to the Frat Party

Eris, Tis, and Glider go the the Frat party. We mingle talk to some of the party goers. after some time looking things over, we notice 2 guys who look a little out of place.
Eris does an astral assensing. She sees that they are not awakened, are healthy, have body-ware of some sort, have been drinking, and are focused/anticipatory.
Glider starts shadowing them to see what they are paying attention to for sure.
Seem to be eyeing/focused on a taller blonde woman. Glider and Eris take the tact of talking to them and dancing with them. As Eris dances with one of them she notes that he has extensive tattoos on his back.
While at the party, sidewinder reports that there has been a number of missing women reported over the last month and a half. some of which are blonde. all are still listed as missing.
The tall blonde woman, and her friend, the men were paying attention to leaves the party. We notice that one of the guys seems to signal someone using his pocket secretary, etc. in his pocket Tis follows them out. When Eris leaves they do not make any signals, neither when Tis leaves. Glider then follows out the door. Eris directs her force 5 spirit to follow the girls. As the girls. Tis reports that a black van has driven up to the girls and is in process of taking them using tasers. The blonde gets picked up by one of the guys and is heading into the van. Tis shoots the guy carrying the blonde and knocks him down. He gets back up and picks her back up. She then gets hit herself and is knocked down. Tis shoot the first guy and he appears to be dead. Tis then shoot tires. Jackhammer is driving to the van and skids to a stops. He punches the van. Someone opens the back door with a shotgun pointed out, at Jackhammer. Jack hammer takes him out with his cyberspur. The van is not very drivable.
Jackhammer tells the two survivors to stop the van.
The Van stops and we take the two men blindfolded and unconscious to a safehouse for interrogation.

Helping Pint-Size

During our down time X gets a new fake SIN.
JackHammer obtains 6 micro-transceivers for the group from his contact Gunnie.

Eris gets a call from her Ares contact, who happens to be a school friend. She wants to have lunch.

Jackhammer then gets a call from his friend Trish, aka Pintsize. She is worried about a friend that went to a frat party and has not been heard from since. she has tried calling her with no answer. Friend’s name is Tana Rackum.
Tana lives on campus in a single and has a scoot. Her boyfriend is Jonas Allbach he plays tennis is in the nursing program.
We hire Sidewinder to check out the two kids and the frat house where the party was hosted. He will charge us 250 nuyen.
Eris does an astral recon of the frathouse. She finds an increased background count (+1) and it feels sort of happy.
I head toTana’s dorm room to look around. I do not find anything of note. No signs of a struggle. Looks live din but nothing else of note. I grab hair from her hair brush in case that can be used to help find her.

Sidewinder reports that these people are incredibly boring. Her parents own a grocery store and have some money but are not rich by any means. They are comfortable but that is the extent of it.
Jonas plays tennis. was on the track and field team in high school is on a scholarship.

The frathouse contains mostly asian members.
Eris, Tis, and I decide to go to the the next night’s frathouse party to see if the frat members are involved or if it is a guest.


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