Disinherited Elven nobility


Very short-for-an-elf with blond hair and brown eyes.


Tis is a female elf who has lived in Seattle for seven years. She was the daughter of a minor noble house in the Tir. Her parents are dependents of Russian aristocracy and have very strong opinions on upper class vs lower class. After years of verbal abuse, Tis’ parents disowned her, saying she was “not present enough in stature for our noble heritage”. After being disowned, her SIN erased, she moved in with her Adept training tutor, Kristian. After four years and much discussion, she moved to Seattle to get some distance between her and her parents (Kristian was concerned she would be killed trying to kill her parents). She also wanted to set out on her own as she had basically always been dependent on someone else and she thought it was time to see what she could do on her own. As it turned out with an upbringing of a noble expected to become part of the government, the answer was not much. She tried several menial jobs, but after an incident involving a Stuffer Shack manager getting too friendly, she quit trying to find a job the “legal” way as having little practical skills and no SIN made it all but impossible. She started to support herself using the skills she learned after leaving her parent’s home, those of stealth and infiltration. She started stealing food only, but then decided she could sell other things to get more of a safety net from her subsistence living. She met Jimmy, her fence while trying to sell her newly acquired items at a pawn shop. About a year later she was contacted by a shadowrun team who needed a freelance B&E. Since then she has been working the shadows both for her own needs and on a freelance basis.


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