Slender, female, Albino Elf


Glider is an albino elf ex-UCAS special forces army infiltrator. She is 1.7 meters tall, weighs about 70 kg and is 27 years old. She is strong for her build and has extraordinary speed which are from her augmentation. Her hair is normally white, but she colors it on occasion. Her eyes are relatively normal due to having had them replaced, but she has maintained the red color much of the time. She will have the color changed through the use of contacts or stop by her street doc for a more permanent change from time time. She has been thinking about making them violet.
She lives in Puyallup currently but once she makes some nuyen, plans on upgrading her housing and keeping the Puyallup doss for a safe house.
She drives a yamaha Rapier and plans on having it upgraded by X, the mechanic/driver that she has met recently and has been working with a bit on runs.
She has a dry wit, likes to play Dungeons and Dragons as well as video and board games. She has found a few friends in the neighborhood that like to play games with her.
She has a contact tin the Ancient named Lucien who was her boyfriend for a while. He taught her how to ride a bike properly.
Her Fixer is Hal Jordan, he seems to have an affinity for Green Lantern comics, and has steered her in the right direction so she trusts him to a degree. He was in the UCAS military but realized it was not for him. They stayed in touch and when she moved to Seattle, he helped her out on her first shadowrun.


Her parents were killed in a car crash 7 years ago during the time she was in training for the special forces. Her grandfather, Colonel Gerald Walters, is her only living family. They are close, even though she decided to not continue in the military. Part of the decision to not re-enlist was because her ex-boyfriend was assigned to her unit, her cheating, ex-boyfriend, who she had never wanted to see again, cheating ex-boyfriend. her request for transfer was denied so she rode out her time and then moved on. She decided that she also wanted to leave a mark in the world in some way and to be able to retire someday much more comfortably then a military pension would give her.

She has a tendency to hold a grudge, cheating ex-boyfriend.
She however, is very loyal to her friends and while on a run, has the attitude that you never leave a man behind. She does not like dishonesty from her friends.
She really like fashion and is always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest so that she can dress appropriately and with class.
Her favorite color is burgundy and that tends to be what she wears out most of the time at least part of her outfit.


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