Shadowrun 2056

Swapping the bike.

We go to the arena posing as Sound Mechanical as planned and get in without any problem.

We get into the room where the bikes are being stored. We find the right container after opening a couple. we swap the bikes and head out of the area. We are stopped and spotted by one of the security guards. We give him the standard drek and fast talking and get out without any problem.
The x does an inspection of the bike while we wait for our contact o get us a delivery location. He finds a data jack hidden behind a panel that is most likely not supposed to be there. Sidewinder monitors the storage room while we wait to return the bike. On the 29th, some team mechanics go in and uncrate the bikes as they leave with crate parts etc.

We get the bike back from Mr. Johnson’s crew and head to the arena. We go in similar to the previous time. Run into a little more problem as the only open loading dock at night is a a farther walk to the storage area. We go in and have to back track once when the guard is on patrol. Talk to him a bit and then he continues on. We then head to the storage room. Swap the bikes again. The head out. get met by some photographers who tell us the one turn is really awesome.
We get out and let Mr. Johnson know that we swapped it back.
We sit back and watch the game with the Chevaliers. Dairus the Destroyer goes down hard during the game. He gets carted off as he is not well at all and will be evaluated.
With Darius out the Chevaliers win easily.
Lucien delivers a box that contains a cred stick with the balance of what is owed to us along with a pcoket secretary that has an event flashing on it. We have a meeting in 3 hours at the Pier in Downtown Seattle.


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