Shadowrun 2056

Interrogation of the yakuza kidnappers.

The driver is named Hirhito and the passenger claims to be a Lone Star undercover officer, John Takata.
He tells us that the girls we are looking for was taken by them.
Hirohito only speaks Japanese. We speak to Hirohito using negotiation then when that does not work, we use intimidation.
He tells us about the locaiton of the warehouse the girls are taken. They were then taken to a house near a Yakuza bar/hangout in Redmond including the address.
Astral recon yields an unpleasant astral background count. no wards or spirits on the outside of the house. It is two stories. No one on the second floor (4 rooms).
1st floor lots of rooms. two garage. a 1 stall and a two stall. 4-5 wandering people in the house.
There is a very high background count in a room in the corner of the two stall garage. a number of people in that room. all are scared 2 have cyberware all are relatively healthy.
Eris summons a force 4 spirit.

Turns out that the Lone Star cop indicates that he is part of an ongoing investigation into the Yakuza and are trying to find out the players higher up in order to take them down in this operation of theirs. We try to get him to allow us to help him and or him to help us but he is not very cooperative. In order to allow him to get back into the cover we rough him up and Hirohito ends up dead.
We try to get a truck/van that we can use to travel to the house but it ends up being too expensive. We will take our bikes and Glider enlists Lucien and some of the Ancients to guard our bikes while we hit the house.


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