Shadowrun 2056

Hitting the Yakuza house

rescuing the girl.

The plan is to hit the houseafter dark. Eris will provide overwatch with her spirit on the out side to prevent any one from running. Tis, The Ex, and Black Sun will approach stealthily from the backside and Glider and Jackhammer will wait just across the street to then provide a diversino for the others to go in.
Of course on of them gets seen. and now they are the diversion for Glider and Jackhammer.
The shooting starts and X and Tis shoot the first patrol guy#1.
gun fire is exchanged and then X hears the door near them unlock. They prepare for it to open. Blacksun gets hit as does Tis.
Flashbangs go off in the living room. someone is upstairs.
After Jackhammer and Glider get inside things start going much better and we take them all down.
We explore the garages and find the room with the girls. It takes some work to get inside. We have to use some explosives since we are unable to open the actual door.
We rescue the girls. Pint Size’s friend is in there. Two fo the 5 girls have been implanted with some cyberware of some sort and are recovering face down.

We take the girls to the hospital for treatment and in order to get them to their families. We burn down the house after looting it of anything of value.
We end up with 5 UziIIs, 5 Ares Vipers, 2 sets of Med Kit supplies. In addition there is a Jackrabbit that we take and The Ex will fix up for our use.


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