Shadowrun 2056

Helping Pint-Size

During our down time X gets a new fake SIN.
JackHammer obtains 6 micro-transceivers for the group from his contact Gunnie.

Eris gets a call from her Ares contact, who happens to be a school friend. She wants to have lunch.

Jackhammer then gets a call from his friend Trish, aka Pintsize. She is worried about a friend that went to a frat party and has not been heard from since. she has tried calling her with no answer. Friend’s name is Tana Rackum.
Tana lives on campus in a single and has a scoot. Her boyfriend is Jonas Allbach he plays tennis is in the nursing program.
We hire Sidewinder to check out the two kids and the frat house where the party was hosted. He will charge us 250 nuyen.
Eris does an astral recon of the frathouse. She finds an increased background count (+1) and it feels sort of happy.
I head toTana’s dorm room to look around. I do not find anything of note. No signs of a struggle. Looks live din but nothing else of note. I grab hair from her hair brush in case that can be used to help find her.

Sidewinder reports that these people are incredibly boring. Her parents own a grocery store and have some money but are not rich by any means. They are comfortable but that is the extent of it.
Jonas plays tennis. was on the track and field team in high school is on a scholarship.

The frathouse contains mostly asian members.
Eris, Tis, and I decide to go to the the next night’s frathouse party to see if the frat members are involved or if it is a guest.


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