Shadowrun 2056

Going to the Frat Party

Eris, Tis, and Glider go the the Frat party. We mingle talk to some of the party goers. after some time looking things over, we notice 2 guys who look a little out of place.
Eris does an astral assensing. She sees that they are not awakened, are healthy, have body-ware of some sort, have been drinking, and are focused/anticipatory.
Glider starts shadowing them to see what they are paying attention to for sure.
Seem to be eyeing/focused on a taller blonde woman. Glider and Eris take the tact of talking to them and dancing with them. As Eris dances with one of them she notes that he has extensive tattoos on his back.
While at the party, sidewinder reports that there has been a number of missing women reported over the last month and a half. some of which are blonde. all are still listed as missing.
The tall blonde woman, and her friend, the men were paying attention to leaves the party. We notice that one of the guys seems to signal someone using his pocket secretary, etc. in his pocket Tis follows them out. When Eris leaves they do not make any signals, neither when Tis leaves. Glider then follows out the door. Eris directs her force 5 spirit to follow the girls. As the girls. Tis reports that a black van has driven up to the girls and is in process of taking them using tasers. The blonde gets picked up by one of the guys and is heading into the van. Tis shoots the guy carrying the blonde and knocks him down. He gets back up and picks her back up. She then gets hit herself and is knocked down. Tis shoot the first guy and he appears to be dead. Tis then shoot tires. Jackhammer is driving to the van and skids to a stops. He punches the van. Someone opens the back door with a shotgun pointed out, at Jackhammer. Jack hammer takes him out with his cyberspur. The van is not very drivable.
Jackhammer tells the two survivors to stop the van.
The Van stops and we take the two men blindfolded and unconscious to a safehouse for interrogation.


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